Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Survey: iCloud likely to launch with 150 million subscribers

Survey: iCloud likely to launch with 150 million subscribers


Apple (AAPL) is not a company known for giving things away for free, but when they do, people tend to respond positively. According to a survey conducted for RBC Capital the week after Steve Jobs' iCloud keynote:
  • 76% of respondents said they were likely to sign up for iCloud, Apple's free e-mail, back-up and data syncing service
  • 73% said they were likely to use iMessage, Apple's answer to the BlackBerry's messaging service
  • Only 30% were likely to sign up for Apple's iTunes Match service, which costs $24.99 per year
I personally think that people either Apple or Android users.  Apple always keeps their customers satisfied.  When they had the recall on the iPad2 they handled it quickly and efficiently and their stock didn't take a major hit.  By introducing a new product they are just strengthening their brand and their loyal customers. 

Daily Stock Prices for 6/20/2011:
AAPL: 315.32
DELL: 16.19
LNVGY.PK: 10.81

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