Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sony Revamps Retail Stores 6/14/2011


Sony Revamps Retail Stores

Aiming to take a bite out of Apple Inc., Sony Corp. is revamping its retail stores, integrating the Japanese electronics behemoth's sprawling product line into a sleek and fresh new look.
On April 1, Sony opened a self-branded store, in the high-end Westfield Century City Mall in Los Angeles. The store, with hardwood floors and sleek lighting fixtures, echoes Apple's airy retail concept.
Sony's Los Angeles store is the first in a series that is expected to replace the company's existing chain of retail shops, called Sony Style. The Tokyo-based company hopes the renewed retail presence will reinvigorate enthusiasm for products, like its Vaio laptops and Walkman music players, both of which have been lapped by Apple's competing devices.

It's funny because I when I saw this article I thought "I'll pick that one I never hear anything about Sony these days," and sure enough, the article is about how Sony has been thrown into the back of our minds with all the new Apple products coming out.  Sony used to be what Apple is now, a household name.  But since that time walkmans have been replaced with iPods, and Vaio laptops by Apple's.  They were redoing their stores to become more customer friendly and see if they can't bring in more business with new concepts and ideas.  Although the ideas do seem similar to Apple's, I see a lot of companies going the modern route and making things feel more open and comfortable.  I hope their new concepts will generate more business for them, but I personally feel like Sony is a dying brand in the world of personal computers.

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