Sunday, June 26, 2011

Option Income With Apple and Netflix Volatility

Option Income With Apple and Netflix Volatility

Two stocks which are active Nasdaq movers and shakers are Apple (AAPL) and Netflix (NFLX). Because the stocks are so volatile and highly active in the pre-market, market day, and after hour markets, the option trader can benefit on the implied volatility in the option markets. The option trader can sell covered calls for option income.
Apple Inc.
Business Model - Apple offers customers the ability to download apps, download iTunes, purchase iPads, purchase iTouches, and purchase Mac Notebooks. The ecosystem is incredible and growing quarter-by-quarter.
Balance Sheet - The company has zero debt, and approximately $31 dollars in net cash per share.

This article is really stupid.  I could barely pay attention it was so boring.  Before this class, I spent a minimal (none) amount of time invested in our world affairs, stock markets, and news.  If this class has taught me anything it's that finance and all things associated can be fun and I should have a better understanding of what goes on around me.  However, this article was so dry and boring I could barely focus.  Honestly, I wish I could reread it to better understand its content but even the thought of doing so is so unbearably boring.

Stock prices for closing 6/23/2011:
AAPL: 331.23
DELL: 16.27

LNVGY.PK: 10.95

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