Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hackers Say They Got User Accounts From Apple

Hackers Say They Got User Accounts From Apple

The computer hacking group AntiSec said over the weekend that it accessed user names and passwords of an Apple Inc. (AAPL) server, a bid to draw the iPhone maker into a surge of recent cyberattacks.
The group posted the materials of 27 user accounts and passwords online at the website PasteBin and announced its discovery July 3 on Twitter.
This seems to just be a prank right now.  If the hackers did get user names  and passwords of Apple users they certainly haven't proven it, and Apple does not believe the information to be compromised.
Stock Prices for closing 7/5/2011:
AAPL: 349.43
DELL: 16.98
LNVGY.PK: 11.97

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Apple passes 100,000 iPad app mark

Apple passes 100,000 iPad app mark

Apple Inc.'s iPad now has more than 100,000 apps specifically designed for it or optimized for the popular tablet device.
It took 16 months for iPad to hit six figures in apps, compared to more than two years for the iPhone, which now has over 425,000 apps.
The iPAD definitely revolutionized the personal PC.  It took the best features from a laptop and an iPhone and combined them into a whole new division on personal technology.  The invention of the tablet has changed they way people use technology.  I'm glad their research and work has paid off for them.
Stock Prices for closing 6/30/2011:
DELL: 16.67
AAPL: 335.67
LNVGY.PK: 11.38

Dell to Expand Data Management, Software to Cut PC Reliance

Dell to Expand Data Management, Software to Cut PC Reliance

Dell Inc. (DELL), the world’s second- largest personal computer maker, will offer software applications and more corporate-data management technology to reduce its reliance on PC sales, Chief Executive Officer Michael Dell said.
The company wants to build on sales of servers and storage systems by offering hardware and software to help catalog and locate reams of data, he said at an annual investor meeting today. Dell, based in Round Rock, Texas, also plans to step up its presence in smartphones and tablet computers, he said.
Dell is making acquisitions, broadening its offerings and hiring sales staff to expand beyond PCs and related products, which accounted for 70 percent of sales last fiscal year. The company seeks to offer corporate customers a more complete lineup of products to run technology operations, Dell said at a reception last night before the meeting in Austin, Texas.
I think that Dell made a smart decision to start offering software.  They're almost completely reliant on their PC sales, and as I noted in an earlier blog, PCs are starting to decrease in sales pretty consistently   Now that smart phones can do pretty much the equivalent, if not more, than PCs, they will begin to become outdated technology.  As we advance into the world of tablets and other forms of personal computers, the desire for a PC is dwindling.  Now everyone HAS a PC, and everyone WANTS a tablet. That "want" is what companies like Dell thrive on.  Expanding their inventory to include cutting edge software is the right move to keep the company afloat, especially since their attempts at creating a comparable smart phone or tablet has been unsuccessful in the past.
Stock Prices for closing 6/29/2011:
DELL: 16.42
AAPL: 334.04
LNVGY.PK: 11.07

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Google Takes On Facebook With Social Service

Google Takes On Facebook With Social Service


Google Inc. (GOOG), the world’s biggest Internet-search company, is making a fresh attempt at social networking with a service to compete with Facebook Inc.’s site.
The service, called Google+, looks similar to Facebook, with streaming updates of photos, messages, comments and other content from selected groups of friends, said Bradley Horowitz, vice president, product management. The service, which will integrate with Google’s maps and images, seeks to help people organize social contacts easily within groups of friends.
“Instead of coming directly at Facebook, which would be suicidal, I think they’ve recognized that they have to grow out from a niche -- and the niche here is people who want to be connected with a specific circle or a specific group,” Josh Bernoff, an analyst with Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Forrester Research Inc. “In that context this has a chance to be a small success.”

I can't quite visualize the idea behind Google+.  Google is very receptive to the needs of their customers so I'm sure it will be a hit but Facebook is an institution.  Facebook revolutionized social networking and took things to a new level.  Although Google does the same thing in it's own field of expertise, they're stepping out of their relm and into another, so their success is not guarenteed.

Stock Prices for closing 6/28/2011:
DELL: 16.01
AAPL: 335.26
LNVGY.PK: 10.92

Apple Starts Issuing Refunds For People Who Hate Final Cut Pro X

Apple Starts Issuing Refunds For People Who Hate Final Cut Pro X

In the wake of a tidal wave of less-than-positive reviews for Apple's new movie editing software Final Cut Pro X, Apple has begun refunding money to dissatisfied customers.

Customers who reached out via Apple's Mac App Store Customer Service Form (which we didn't even know existed) are receiving sympathetic emails that offer to refund the $299.99 purchase price of Final Cut Pro X (which is only available in the Mac App Store).

Previously, there have been a few sneaky ways you could grab a refund from Apple for an app you bought, but rarely has Apple issued refunds for apps you simply don't like (or aren't up to par, by your standards).

One customer service letter stated: "Please note that this is a one time exception because the iTunes Terms and Conditions state that all sales are final.”

There are no concrete details yet as to how the refunds will be handled, besides the fact that the purchase price will be refunded to users.

In case you didn't know, Final Cut Pro X is an editing system developed by Apple that runs on Mac Books.  I'm unaware of why Apple would chose to refund their dissatisfied customers.  There was nothing wrong with the product except that people were not happy with the outcome.  I guess it will help promote their brand as one that cares what their customer's think.

Stock Prices for closing 6/27/2011:
DELL: 15.94
AAPL: 16.01
LNVGY.PK: 16.42

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Option Income With Apple and Netflix Volatility

Option Income With Apple and Netflix Volatility

Two stocks which are active Nasdaq movers and shakers are Apple (AAPL) and Netflix (NFLX). Because the stocks are so volatile and highly active in the pre-market, market day, and after hour markets, the option trader can benefit on the implied volatility in the option markets. The option trader can sell covered calls for option income.
Apple Inc.
Business Model - Apple offers customers the ability to download apps, download iTunes, purchase iPads, purchase iTouches, and purchase Mac Notebooks. The ecosystem is incredible and growing quarter-by-quarter.
Balance Sheet - The company has zero debt, and approximately $31 dollars in net cash per share.

This article is really stupid.  I could barely pay attention it was so boring.  Before this class, I spent a minimal (none) amount of time invested in our world affairs, stock markets, and news.  If this class has taught me anything it's that finance and all things associated can be fun and I should have a better understanding of what goes on around me.  However, this article was so dry and boring I could barely focus.  Honestly, I wish I could reread it to better understand its content but even the thought of doing so is so unbearably boring.

Stock prices for closing 6/23/2011:
AAPL: 331.23
DELL: 16.27

LNVGY.PK: 10.95

Friday, June 24, 2011

Here's What Those Apple-Samsung TV Rumors Might Be About

Here's What Those Apple-Samsung TV Rumors Might Be About

One of this week's wackier Apple rumors is that the company is supposedly working with Samsung on some sort of television project.

What's that all about?

We do NOT expect some sort of Samsung-Apple co-branded TV any time soon, or any sort of Samsung TV running an Apple operating system.

If Apple's going to make a TV, it's probably going to do everything itself. That's how Apple makes money.

The most likely answer we can think of -- if there's any element of truth to the rumors -- is that Samsung could potentially be building TVs that support Apple's AirPlay technology built-in. This would allow you to stream video, music, photos, and apps straight from your iPad or iPhone to your TV.

I definitely think we should be expecting something to this effect in the near future.  An Apple TV would be greatly in demand.  We can now stream wireless to our televisions so the next obvious step would be synching your cell phone to your television

Stock Prices for closing 6/22/2011:
AAPL: 322.61
DELL: 16.21
LNVGY.PK: 10.93